Heat Your Home with Heating Oil from Courtesy Oil

Cold Weather is Coming – It’s Time for an Oil Tank Refill!

As it gets colder in the Dunbar area, residents must start thinking about refilling their oil tank. Fall is approaching – it’s time to check your oil tank to see if you need a refill. If you’re unsure if you need a refill yet, there are a few ways to check:

  • See how much you ordered this time last year and how much you think you may have used
  • Check the oil level to see how full the tank is
  • Check the tank gauge and compare to how large the tank is

If you are unsure of how to check the oil level in your tank, call your trusted techs at Courtesy Oil in Dunbar. Our team can walk you through the steps or check your oil for you to see how much you will need for the upcoming season.

Why Choose Heating Oil for Your Home in the Dunbar Area?

Now that it’s time to refill your choice of heating fluid, you may wonder if one may be better than the other. Perhaps you are purchasing a new home, or maybe you are looking for a new furnace. Regardless of the reason, you have some choices: natural gas, electric, or heating oil.

At Courtesy Oil, we know how difficult it can be to choose oil, kerosene, or diesel to heat your home or business, especially if you are more familiar with using natural gas or electricity for heat. But we also know that there are many benefits to choosing heating oil as a fuel for your Dunbar-area property.

Oil is Widely Available

During a harsh PA winter, heating resources are in high demand, which could cause a strain in supplies. According to Smart Touch Energy, only 20 percent of Pennsylvania homes utilize oil-based heating. This means that when you need oil to heat your home, you can give Courtesy Oil a call, and we can provide prompt delivery to your Dunbar-area home. We even offer delivery on weekends in the winter, so you never have to worry about going without heat.

It’s Cost Effective

When compared to natural gas or electric, oil-based heating systems can save local homeowners and business owners money overall. Heating oil prices are based on the price of oil in the United States, so the lower the price goes across the country, the lower you will pay for your fuel delivery.

Not only is it generally cheaper, but depending on where you live in the Dunbar, PA, area, oil-based fuel might save you money on installation costs. If you live in the woods, and depending on your municipality’s infrastructure, it might cost you quite a bit to run a line from the nearest gas main to your home. Between excavating all that land for the line, and the installation costs of the piping itself, the costs for installing natural gas can quickly become expensive. The installation cost for an oil-based system is just the cost of your furnace, your storage tank, and your fuel delivery.

For your convenience and in an effort to save you money, Courtesy Oil offers installation of storage tanks for your area home or business. Give us a call at (724) 438-4328 or (724) 277-8478 to learn more about installation and your first delivery. Check our site for updated pricing information for the oil-based fuel you need.

Heating Oil is Energy Efficient

Today’s oil fuels are green and energy efficient. Heating oil burns clean and has almost no emissions, which means that it does not contribute to climate change or methane production. Thanks to modern technology, fuel usage can be automatically adjusted based on outside temperatures, meaning that your system will not be functioning at maximum capacity on days where the weather is mild. Not only will this help you save money on fuel deliveries because you do not use as much fuel, it helps your home or business’ heating system to be more energy efficient.

How does Heating Oil Compare to Natural Gas?

Now that you know the benefits of using oil to heat your home, you may wonder how it compares to other fuels, like natural gas. Heating oil is often much more effective than natural gas and electric. Oil tends to burn hotter, making your system more powerful. This means that when the temperature drops drastically, your heating oil will keep your home or business warmer for longer. If you use oil, kerosene, or diesel to also heat your water, your hot water stores will replenish more quickly than they would with other fuels.

Whether you are calling Courtesy Oil for your annual oil tank refill, or are looking to switch to heating oil, we are ready to help. We offer convenient delivery of heating oil, kerosene, and diesel to keep your Dunbar-area home warm in the winter.

For more information on oil tank refills, give Courtesy Oil in Dunbar, PA, a call at (724) 438-4328 or (724) 277-8478. We offer prompt delivery of the fuels you need to keep your home warm and safe.