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Connellsville Businesses Choose Diesel Fuel for Heating

If you are a business owner in the area of Connellsville, PA, choosing an efficient fuel source to heat your office through the winter months can be a difficult decision. One phone call to the experienced staff at Courtesy Oil can determine whether diesel fuel, or any of our other fuel products is right for your business. Using diesel to heat your business has numerous benefits that can help your business economically. In terms of efficiency, this makes it a valuable choice for yourself and your employees. Diesel fuel can keep the entire office warm and toasty for a long period of time, which can save your business hundreds on costs compared to using electricity or coal. Courtesy Oil has served the Fayette County area, including Connellsville, since 1985, and can assist you with any of your diesel or fuel based questions. For more information, call our qualified staff at (724) 438-4328 or (724) 277-8478. Please call to schedule an appointment.

Diesel Heating Available for Homes in Uniontown, PA

Uniontown homeowners know how important staying warm in the winters can be, and they do not trust just any fuel business with this responsibility. When it comes to diesel fuel, Fayette County residents trust Courtesy Oil to provide diesel fuel at the best prices. Compared with other fuel and energy sources in the area, diesel has multiple benefits, including being more energy dense than fuel sources like gasoline.

Diesel burns at higher temperatures than other commonly used fuel sources. This means your family will stay warmer while conserving fuel, which can result in savings. Additionally, using diesel also emits less carbon dioxide than using gas. For more information on why diesel is right for your Uniontown home, call today.

Delivering Diesel Fuel to Point Marion and Local Fayette County Towns

One of the things that separates Courtesy Oil from our competition is our quick and efficient delivery service. We deliver diesel fuel all over Fayette County, including Point Marion. Our delivery services include residential, commercial, and industrial properties that need fuel quickly. Our friendly staff always provides the highest levels of customer service and gets your diesel fuel to you on time every single time. Contact our qualified staff at Courtesy Oil today and ask about our diesel rates and discounts.

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